Our AAC staff is comprised of highly professional, enthusiastic team members!

Larry Bebo, President

Larry is the President and founder of AAC. Through his personal experience of adopting 28 children, he determined to create a family-focused and personal adoption agency in Colorado. As president, Larry oversees the mission and financial strength of the agency and manages the relationships between the agency and their international partners.

Larry's continued passion for AAC's work stems from the joy he experiences seeing happy families brought together. He enjoys the opportunity to meet new people and he finds dealing with the challenges of working with foreign governments rewarding. Larry sums up his life work in three words:  family, family, family.


Marissa Bebo, Executive Director

Marissa has been the Executive Director of AAC since 2007. She oversees all of AAC's operations from setting organizational vision and goals to supervising financial processes and managing quality control. As a Korean adoptee, Marissa is committed to fulfilling AAC's mission to connect orphaned/abandoned children with loving families. She is dedicated to "stitching up" family groups and appreciates the opportunity to connect with adoptive families during post-placement.

Marissa loves seeing adoptive families throughout the year at company parties and picnics, and she enjoys watching adoptive children grow up into happy and connected teenagers and adults. When she's not bustling between meetings and projects, Marissa enjoys an active family life with four children and 29 siblings and spends time running, cooking, scrapbooking, playing in the yard, and hosting elaborate barbeques.


Christie Lasko, Excecutive Manager

Christie Lasko has worked with AAC since 2000. Initially employed as a Korean Tour Coordinator and part-time assistant, she led the annual Taste of Korea tours, which she continues to do as a full-time staff member. A Korean adoptee herself, Christie is able to use her formidable Korean language skills and cultural expertise to help create an enjoyable and educational travel experience for families.

Christie became a full-time staff member at AAC in 2001 and took on the role of Executive Manager in 2007. She now oversees all AAC office operations, facilitating communication between the Chinese and Korean adoption agencies/orphanages and supervising office staff. Christie's own adoption experience, and her strong relationships with her 29 siblings, has contributed to her passion for the adoption community. Even after almost 15 years of working with adoptive families, Christie still loves seeing families come together and watching them grow. She continues to find it a tremendously rewarding job and appreciates AAC's commitment to their adoptive families long after their adoption finalization. In her moments away from the AAC office, Christie spends time with her husband and daughter and her thriving community of extended family.

Regina Johnson, Korea Program Coordinator

Regina has been with AAC since June 2009.  As the Korea Program Coordinator, she's responsible for assisting families with their Korea adoptions from start to finish. In her 20+ years of experience working in faith nonprofits, she has witnessed the profound impact of happy, healthy families on communities, and she is passionate about connecting orphaned children with good homes. Regina particularly enjoys the process of adoption finalization, where she gets to participate in the formal celebration of family togetherness. As a dedicated mother to five adult children and a grandmother to a spunky granddaughter and a charming grandson, Regina is very family-centered and cares for her adoptee candidates like extended family. When she's not at AAC, she enjoys working in her garden, playing with her pets, and spending time with family and friends.



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