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The China adoption program provides one of the most reliable and simplified processes available. More American families have chosen to adopt from China than from any other country since the year 2000. According to the US Department of State, about 27,300 Chinese orphans have been adopted by U.S. citizens from 2006 to end of fiscal year 2012.

Program 1-Traditional “Healthy” Child Program:

Thousands of healthy infants and toddlers, approximately 95% of whom are girls, are available for adoption. As of May 2013, it is taking well over 6 years, from application submission to picking up your child, to complete an adoption.

Generally, birth mothers live a healthy, simple life in the countryside and have very little access to cigarettes, alcohol, or harder drugs. Any developmental delays are due to institutionalized childcare, which usually rectifies quickly upon adoption.

Program 2-Waiting Child Program:

The Waiting Children are boys and girls of all ages with special medical needs or healthy children six years and older. The adoption process takes anywhere from 14-18 months from application submission to picking up your child in China.

Stable & Predictable Adoption Process:

China established a structured and consistent system to support inter-country adoptions in 1991. For those enrolled in the Traditional “Healthy” Child program, the China Center of Children's Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA), formerly the China Center of Adoption Affairs, matches children with their parents on a "first-come, first-serve" basis with a predictable timeframe and consistent requirements for adoptive parents. For those in the Waiting Child program, the agency will match you on your specific medical criteria, or the family will identify a child on our waiting list.


Since abandonment is illegal in China, 100% of the children adopted from China are abandoned without any information on their birth parents. Adoptive parents acquire all legal rights for their child without worry that the birth parents will try to reclaim the child afterwards.


China adoption is the most affordable international adoption program. All fees and expenses are outlined clearly at the beginning of the adoption process. There are no hidden or last-minute charges.

One Trip to China (Safe & Fun):

Only one trip, which averages 12-14 days in China, is required to complete the adoption. AAC will provide a guide/translator that will help you while you are in country. (For more information, please ask for the Sample of AAC China Adoption Travel Itinerary.)

Adoption Finalized in China:

The adoption is finalized in country, and your child will become a US Citizen upon entering the US through immigration. Please check with your state if a Validation of Adoption is required.

Please note that the China Adoption program includes many acronyms.  For a full listing of acronyms, click here.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Take the first step to begin your amazing journey to meet your precious Chinese child. Just call AAC today at 970-532-3576 or request on-line for our China Adoption Information Package. Also please see our "About Us" section for additional information.

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