Referral Day

by Kristi, August 3, 2006

Who would of thought that when we woke up this morning that this would be the day that would change our lives forever?

It started out as a normal Thursday of work and errands for me and work at home for Brad. I was in my car at the Starbucks parking lot in Longmont when I saw on my cell phone ID that AAC our adoption agency was calling. I thought it was a call for us to sign or something so I didn't think too much of it.

When I answered, it was Christy from the agency. Right away she said "I have good news for you". I am thinking that maybe she has an update on our status because we were not suppose to be getting our referrals until the end of August or beginning of September.

So, I said "Really? What?" then she said "I have your babies here". (I am thinking that she meant all the babies in Group 43) I said, "you mean we got our referral"? She said "yes, but did you hear that I said BABIES"? YOU HAVE TWO BABIES!? I completely lost it at that point and said "Twins"? She said yes--and from that point on I became a hysterical mess.

I now had to get home to tell Brad this news. From Longmont to Lyons is typically a 15-20 minute drive. I am sure that I did this drive in less than 5 minutes but it seemed like 2 hours.

When I finally got to our house, there was someone meeting with Brad. I drove around the neighborhood 3 times because I was in no condition to speak to anyone. I finally went into the house and told Brad that she really needed to leave because I have something very important to tell him. Now he is thinking someone has died or something because I am crying hysterically.

I told Brad that AAC called me and we got our referral. He is in complete shock because, again, we were not expecting this for at least another month.
Then, I dropped the bomb---"WE HAVE TWINS"!!!! We just held each other and cried for 5-10 minutes.

Now---AAC sent our babies pictures to my email. I was shaking so much that I could not even press the keys to turn on my computer. I can only guess that this moment would be similiar to the delivery room when a mother and father get to see there baby for the first time. Do they have 10 fingers and 10 toes? Do they have hair? etc. We pulled up their pictures and could not believe or eyes. They were the most beautiful, perfect little babies that I have ever laid my eyes on. WOW! We were both speechless and then just started crying again for quite sometime.

We had one name picked out and that was Stella. What were we going to name our other precious girl???????? We knew that we were going to have another daughter from China someday so when we talked about names we kinda liked the name Lola for our second Child. Lola it is. I must say they look like Stella and Lola to me.

Next, I had to call my parents. My mom was at work. She was in complete shock over the news and especially the fact that we had twins. I emailed her the pictures and they were showed all over the town of Perham within 5 minutes.

We had an appointment at AAC to get the rest of the info on the babies. Medical reports etc. Lots of stuff to sign to accept our little treasures. Other couples from our group were coming in to do the same so there was lots of hugs, tears and sharing. YEAH GROUP 43!!! All the babies are sooo cute! We hung around to meet our friends John and Lori. We could not wait to see little Maya's face. She is Gorgeous! I am so happy for them. Then we headed to a coffee shop with John and Lori to process what just happened. This is way too much emotion for a person to handle in one day!

We finally got home and thought we better get on the phone to tell the rest of our family and friends. Everyone was shocked and excited to hear the news of our precious twins.

We had plans to have a picnic at the Lyons Concert in the Park that night. This was a great place to tell our friends in Lyons of the news. When we walked into the park, everyone stood up and started clapping. John O'brien beat us there with the word. John brought Champagne and the celebration started. Everyone in Lyons has showed us so much support during our two year journey. This evening was perfect. Brad and I had a song that helped us get through the tough moments of our journey--Somewhere over the Rainbow. Well, just at dusk, a woman from the band sang this song. The crowd went still. It was one of those moments in time that cannot be explained, but truly it was a sign that this journey was worth every tear of pain, frustration, joy and happiness.

I have always said that "everything happens for a reason". Now I know that it truly does. When I look into the eyes of these beautiful girls, I know that God had a plan for us. We just had to be patient and trust him.

Thank you God, thanks to our babies birthmother for giving us this amazing gift, and thanks to all our friends and family. We definitely could not have done this without your love and support.

Now, let's get ready to bring Stella and Lola home!!!!!!!!

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