AAC has partnered with Eastern Social Welfare Society (ESWS) bringing families together though adoption since our inception in 1994. Located in Seoul, South Korea, ESWS was founded to "feed the hungry, clothe the bare, and to help children in need of warm and loving homes." Through the years, ESWS has seen many change to Korean adoptions, but none has been more challenging than the repercussions from the enactment of Korea's Special Adoption Law of 2012.

The new adoption law, while intended to protect the rights of children and birth mothers, has inadvertently created confusion and delays in the adoption process both domestically and internationally. Korea has not allowed any children to leave country for their adoption since August 2012.

A large portion of ESWS's yearly budget goes directly to costs related to foster care and food, clothing, and medical services for the children. Childcare costs have risen dramatically and their foster care system is stressed. ESWS currently oversees 350 children placed in 250 foster homes in and around Seoul. They also care for more than 60 infants in the baby hospital located at their headquarters. These babies are waiting for foster placement, but none is available. These babies are out-growing the cribs originally built for younger infants. For the children's safety, ESWS needs to update their facility with new, larger cribs.

So how can we help? That's easy- through financial support from people like you! As an advocate for adoption, or as an adoptive parent yourself, you understand the important work ESWS is doing! Would you help support our friends through this difficult time with a generous tax deductible donation? With this donation, you will help finance desperately needed supplies and medical care for the orphaned children in ESWS's care.

A friend of AAC has offered to match funds for the first $100,000 raised to benefit ESWS. As of July, we have raised $86,366! We still have the opportunity to match $13,000!  Please help us meet our goal!  You can donate by sending a check to AAC at our offices.

Thank you! We so appreciate your help!


AAC Staff

p.s. If you'd like to help, but feel limited in what you can send, even $10.00 will buy diapers for one child for a month!  Please help however you can!

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