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AAC offers full services for families seeking international adoption from Korea and China. We guide families through every step of a personalized adoption process.

As of June 2013, the process for a Korean adoption takes about 24 months to complete. At this time, AAC is only accepting applicants for our Korea program who are interested in adopting a baby boy. Babies from Korea are, on average, 24 months old when they come home. Because the traditional China adoption program is currently taking more than 6 years to place children, AAC promotes the China Waiting Child/Special Needs adoptions, which normally take 10-14 months to complete. Ages of special needs children vary. Profiles on our children with special needs are posted on our Waiting Children's page. There may be adoption grants available to financially assist parents with the placement fee.

Both Korea and China have requirements regarding parents' ages, health, BMI (Body Mass Index), length of marriage, and number of children. The special needs programs for both countries may have less strict requirements.

For Colorado residents, AAC provides a free-of-charge, no obligation, pre-adoption informational meeting. This meeting is designed to help you understand more about the adoption process, expenses, and programs. You can schedule the meeting by mailing in the pre-application form or by calling or emailing us today. For out-of-state residents, an informational meeting can be arranged by phone.

A contact list of reference families who have adopted from both countries is available here. These adoptive families are happy to share their experiences with you. Many clients find this communication beneficial as they go through the decision-making process.

In the last three years, AAC has placed more than 230 children!

2010 2011 2012
Korean Infants Placed 35 40 29
Chinese Infants Placed 44 33 53

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