• Takes approximately 2 years to complete.
  • Traditional toddler adoption. Some special needs placements are made.


  • Takes approximately 1 year to complete for Waiting Children with special needs.
  • Takes more than 8 years to be matched with a child for the traditional program.

General Adoption Procedures

  1. Submit Preliminary Application.
  2. Participate in pre-adoption consultation and informational meeting with AAC.
  3. Submit Formal Application and preliminary fees.
  4. Begin home study and Core training.
  5. Gather required legal documents. Begin dossier process.
  6. Attend travel meeting.
  7. Travel to country.
  8. Child arrives home.
  9. Begin Post-adoption services.
  10. Complete court process for adoption finalization or validation of the adoption in the United States.
  11. Issuance of Birth Certificate by the Secretary of State.

Program Agreements

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