Application and Home Study Fees

              Colorado          Out of State  
Application $250 $250  
IAAME Monitoring and Oversight $500 $500  
*AAC Program Fee- Phase I $4,000 $4,000  
Homestudy $2,000 N/A*  
Training $300 N/A*  
Dossier Processing Fee $1,600 $1,600


Dossier Filing Fee - Matched Prior to Filing


Dossier Filing Fee - Not Matched Prior to Filing













*NOTE- Families living outside of Colorado pay homestudy and training fees to their local agency

At the Time of Assignment

              Colorado        Out of State  
*AAC Program Fee- Phase II $4,000 $4,000  
China Program Fee $5,000 $5,000  
Post Adoption Fee $1,500 $500  
Post-Placement Retainer $500 $500 Refundable






China's Fees (Disbursed In-Country)

Paper Processing Fee (While in China) $2,200 Estimate
Transportation & Guide Fees $2,000 to $3,000 Estimate
Sub-Total $4,200-5,200 Estimate


*These fees are paid to various entities in China. Fees paid in China are approximate and vary between provinces. Fees may be affected by current exchange rate. 

Orphanage Donation

35,000 RMB (approx. $5,300) 

*Traditionally, this has been the amount donated.  However, this donation is completely voluntary and families can give as they desire.

Estimated Travel Expenses

Airfare (International and Domestic) $800- $2,000

Per person (except lap child under 2)

Hotel and Food $1,000- $3,000

Depending on personal travel preferences

Airfare or Train (In China Travel)

$200- $400

Per person depending on individual itinerary
Orphanage or finding site visits Fees vary May be arranged through AAC's China Coordinator
Miscellaneous Expenses Don't forget to budget in shopping and sightseeing!  
Sub-Total $5,000- $10,000 or more depending on individual travel preferences

Miscellaneous Fees

  Colorado Out of State  
Update Homestudy  (previous AAC family) $1,200 X Fees Vary by Agency
Update Homestudy  (clients new to AAC) $1,600 X Fees Vary by Agency
Update Homestudy (during a current adoption process) $600 X Fees Vary by Agency
Colorado TRAILS Clearance $28 X Per Couple
USCIS Processing Fee $945 $945 Includes fingerprinting for two adults
USCIS Fingerprints (Per Adult) $39.50 $39.50 for additional adults in household
I-800A Supplement 3 $360 $360  
Passport- Please Apply ASAP $100 $100  
Chinese Visa (per person for 4 day turn around) $140 $140 Courier required
Court Fee for Validation of Adoption $167 X  
Birth Certificate Fee $37 X  

* AAC Program Fee Phases I and II include fees for adoption consultation, case administration, state and federal immigration filing assistance, and liaison services with international adoption entities.

Fees are subject to change without notice

For an in depth description of fees charged, please click HERE.

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