Why Adopt from Korea?

·         Korea’s international adoption program has been operating for more than 50 years.

·         Korea’s exhaustive legal process safeguards ethical relinquishment and adoption practices.

·         Children are typically 8 – 12 months old at referral, and about 2 years old when they travel home.

·         Most children in the Korea program are deemed “healthy” referrals.  Some children with minor special needs may also be available for placement.

·         Eastern Social Welfare Society (ESWS) provides the children with excellent medical care and upbringing in a private foster family setting.

·         After you are matched, you will receive frequent photos, and progress and medical updates of your child. 

·        Children available for international placement have been legally relinquished by a birth parent.  Detailed medical history is provided in each child’s referral information.  Some birth parent history will also be included.

           When the adopted child is 13 years old, a birth family search may be initiated, if desired. 

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