Application and Homestudy Fees

  Colorado Out of State  
Formal Application $250.00 $250.00  
IAAME Monitoring and Oversight $500.00 $500.00  
*AAC Program Fee- Phase I $4,000.00 $4,000.00  
Original Homestudy $2,000.00 X  
Training $300.00 X  
Sub-Total $7,050.00


NOTE: Families living outside of Colorado must pay homestudy and training fees to their local agency

At the Time of Assignment

  Colorado Out of State  
Korean Fee $21,000.00 $21,000.00  
*AAC Program Fee- Phase II $4,000.00 $4,000.00  
Post-Placement Fees $1,500.00 $300.00  
Post-Placement Retainer $500.00 $500.00  
Sub-Total $27,000.00 $25,800.00  
NOTE: Post-Placement Retainer is refunded after all Post-Placement Reports have been submitted.

Estimated Travel Expenses (per trip)

2 Trips Required
Airfare Per Person $1,500.00- $2,000.00  
Hotel & Food $1,000.00- $2,000.00  
Total (per trip)

$4,000.00- $6,000.00

Miscellaneous Costs

USCIS Fees $945.00 I-600 Immigration filing fee and fingerprinting for 2 adults
Fingerprints- USCIS $85.00 Per person for additional adult household members
Homestudy Update $1,200.00 Original homestudy may be updated up to 3 years
Homestudy Update (new client) $1,600.00 Transfer family with valid Colorado homestudy
Home Study Update $600.00 If update is required during the adoption process
CBI/FBI Fingerprinting $39.50 Per Person over the age of 18
Pasport- Please Apply ASAP $100.00  
CDHS/TRAILS $28.00  
Court Filing Fee $167.00 Fees vary by state
Birth Certificate Fee $37.75 Fees vary by state

* AAC Program Fee Phases I and II include fees for adoption consultation, case administration, state and federal immigration filing assistance, and liaison services with international adoption entities.

Fees are subject to change without notice

** Refund Policy- All Refund Requests Must Be Made in Writing

  • Application Fees- Non-refundable
  • Agency Program Fee (Phase 1)- 50% Refundable if family discontinues adoption within 60 days of payment. Refund must be requested in writing.
  • Agency Program Fee (Phase 2)Non-refundable
  • Home Study- Non-refundable once social worker has been contacted
  • Training- Non-refundable once a session has been attended
  • Korean Fee- Non-refundable
  • Special Donation to ESWS- Non-refundable
  • Post-Placement Fees- Non-refundable
  • Post-Placement Retainer fee- This fee will be refunded to you when all post-placement requirements have been met.  Families are not required to request this refund in writing.


Fees paid by credit card will be refunded in the form of a check, less the credit card convenience fee.



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