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Upon entering the Waiting Child Profile List page, I confirm that I am doing so because I am considering the possibility becoming a parent to one of the children whose information is listed herein.  I recognize the importance of keeping children’s information confidential.  I agree to not publicly share any child’s identifying information (photos, videos, etc.) without first obtaining the expressed consent of AAC Adoption and Family Network, Inc.  In the event I breach any of these terms, I understand that AAC Adoption may, in its discretion, discontinue its relationship with me resulting in (but not limited to) my website permissions being revoked.  AAC Adoption and Family Network, Inc. may, in its discretion, also file a court suit against me for breach of this confidentiality statement.

After submission of this confidentiality agreement, you will be automatically directed to a webpage with information on each waiting child currently available for adoption through AAC Adoption and Family Network, Inc.  Please note that submission of these terms does not necessarily qualify you and your family for adoption.  Please fill out a preliminary application here to verify eligibility.  Please contact our Waiting Child Specialist by email at info@aacadoption.com or by phone at 970-775-4683 with any questions you may have.

By entering the following Username and Password you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.

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Password: adoption

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